DIY Alarm Monitoring

Immediate Notification
Camera Surveillance
No Contract Service
How It Works
With the Aegis BAT (Broadband Alarm Transmitter), the signals from you alarm panel are transmitted to a dedicated server via the internet. 

When the server receives your alarm signal, it immediately sends you a message via text or email.
What You Need
1.  An alarm system in good working condition. See list below.
2.  Broadband internet connection.
3.  Android or Iphone
4.  An Aegis BAT
Aegis BAT
The simple plug & play architecture of the BAT makes installation quick and easy.
Save $$$
Consider what you've been paying for your alarm monitoring - $25, $35, $45 a month?  Our alarm reporting service is only $7.95 a month!
You will be notified immediately whenever an alarm occurs and you determine if it's an emergency or not.  Make false alarm fines a thing of the past.
With an Aegis security camera system you can do a visual alarm verification, or look in on the kids at any time through your smart phone.
Our business philosophy is simple: If you treat your customers fairly with reasonable prices, there's no reason to trap them in a contract.
The  BAT Is supported throughout the United States and Canada
Aegis 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Service 
Available for only $10 more a month - No Contract required..
The Aegis BAT works with the following alarm panels:
Vista 10P
​Vista 10PSIA
Vista 128BP
Vista 128BPE
Vista 128FB
Vista 128FBP
Vista 128FBPE
Vista 128SIA
Vista 15
Vista 15CN
Vista 15P
Vista 15PCN
Vista 15Psia
Vista 20P
Vista 20PCN
Vista 20PI
Vista 20 PS
Vista 20PSIA
Vista 21IP
Vista 21IPSIA
Vista 32FB
First Alert FA130
First Alert FA148
First Alert FA168
ADT Safewatch Pro 3000
ADT Safewatch Pro 3000EN
PC 1616
PC 1832
PC 1864
GE NetworX