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Broadband Alarm Transceiver (BAT)
Easy Install - Place in or near your control panel, connect 3 or 4 wires from the module to the panel's keypad connection, plug the module into your internet router/server.

​You can monitor your alarm system independently for $7.95 a month or you can have the best of both worlds and add our professional monitoring service for an additional $12 a month.  No contract, you can cancel at any time.
Only $95
Monitoring Options
Wireless BAT & Gateway
Having installed numerous BATs, we have found occasions where it is 'mission impossible' to run a internet cable from the BAT at the control panel to the internet router/server.  The Wireless Gateway solves this problem.

With the Gateway, the BAT transmits the panel's information to a receiver installed near the the router, thus eliminating difficult or impossible cable runs.

The Gateway utilizes the ZigBee™ protocol, which has the added benefit of being able to add home automation to your system. With home automation, you can have interactive control over your thermostat, lighting, and door locks.
Only $169
Monitoring Options
Plus $9.00 shipping
Plus $6.00 Shipping
Cellular BAT
When uncompromised security is of the utmost importance, the Cellular BAT is your best choice.  Winner of Best New Residential Alarm & Monitoring
Technology by Security Industry Association in 2013, the Celluar BAT provides dual-path transmission of alarm signals.

The Cellular BAT also offers the same home automation as the Wireless Gateway - interactive control over your thermostate, lighting and door locks.

​Plus, there's more.  The Celluar BAT is able to work with a larger family of alarm panels/models than the BAT/Gateway, as does the Universal BAT (not shown here).  If your alarm system is not amongst those listed in the column on the right, please contact us using the form on the right.  We will reply with your solution.
Only $240.00
Plus $9.00 shipping
Installation Manuals

Free installation instructions for each BAT is provided below.