DIY Alarm Monitoring

With this technology you can save hundreds of dollars a year over your current monitoring fees and have total control of your alarm system with your cell phone.
Learn how to bring your old alarm system up-to-date without spending hundreds of dollars for an upgrade.  
By adding a simple circuit board to your existing alarm system, you will be able to:
• Get instant notifications via smartphone push notifications, e-mail, and/or a computer-generated phone call.

• Notifications include Arming/Disarming by user, including date/time.

• Notifications of alarms by zone number and zone description.

• No phone lines required - communicates through the internet.

• Can work with your current monitoring service, or independently.

• Arm and disarm remotely with your Iphone or Android cell phone, pad and your computer.
If you're unhappy about your current alarm monitoring bill, this video will really make you mad.
Take Control
Join the others from Washington to Florida and Texas to Canada who have cancelled their security company's $30+ monthly monitoring fee and are now doing it themselves for only $7.95.    

​The security and safety of their family and property is safely in their hands instead of a stranger's.